Just Getting Started with DC? Join A Club!

Virginia Applejack

Virginia Applejack

Nov. 4, 2019


Whether you’re a keeper of knowledge or new to comics, DC Universe offers a breadth of fan clubs for you to contribute to, learn from, and geek out with!


Here are some of the benefits of joining a Club:


• Being part of a group of like-minded people who want to dive deep into fandom

 • Dedicated notifications for club activities & messages

• An exclusive digital badge (granted upon participation)

 • Custom flair to wear on your profile picture to show off your membership


Here are just a few of the clubs the incredible fans of DC have created, with more popping up every day:


DC Universe Book Club -  DC Universe Book Club (DCUBC) is a club focused on exploring a wide variety of titles offered on the service. From DC mainstays like Batman to more obscure characters like Blue Devil. Everyone is welcome!


DC Pride Book Club - Founded during Pride Month in June ’19, DC Pride Book Club 23 hosts monthly discussions on books/story lines which feature LGBTQIA+ characters.


DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club - Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, late morning / early afternoon, a topic is created for the group to post images about - and to avidly discuss - specific uniquely styled and characterized DC Comic Book artwork from 80 years ago to present-day!


DC History Club - The DC History Club (DCHC) is dedicated to taking a deep dive into the more than 75 years of creators, characters, events, and themes that make up the deep, rich history of DC Comics to discovery the story beyond the stories. Whether it’s the inspiration for a writer, the lasting impact of a character, or how DC treated the important issues of the day, the DCHC is the place to talk about it.


Characters of DC Club - We’re a group that deep dives into DC’s vast array of characters through the exploration of their key stories and how those stories shaped those characters into the heroes, anti-heroes and villains they are today. Have you ever wanted to deep dive into the many characters of DC to discover how events have shaped them over time? Are you the type of reader who enjoys seeing characters who grow and change? If you are then this club might be for you.


World of Bats: The Batman Book Club! - Welcome to the “World of Bats,” the Batman Book Club! Every week, we take on a comic (or movies or television) available on the DCU subscription service related to Batman or the greater Bat-Family, and discuss, dissect, and just plain have fun with them.



If you’re thinking about joining a club, now is the time! Each club has their own rules for membership, so be sure to check out the details in our Club Directory here.




Submissions to create your own club are currently closed, and will reopen January 6th, 2020. Message our moderator team for any questions in the meantime!