Miss Martian


Miss Martian

A white martian forced to contend with her destructive heritage, M'gann M'orzz battles injustice alongside her mentor, the Martian Manhunter, and the Teen Titans.


Aliases: M’gann M’orzz (birth name), Megan Morse

First Appearance: TEEN TITANS vol. 3 #37, 2006



Born on the planet Mars, M’gann M’orzz is a White Martian and is thus a shape-shifter with telepathic powers and a host of other abilities. Sent away by her parents to avoid the horrific events of the Martian civil war, M’gann arrived on Earth and decided to follow in the paths of DC Super Heroes such as the Martian Manhunter. Adopting the appearance of a Green Martian, M’gann embarked on a heroic career as “Miss Martian.” She has since worked alongside some of Earth’s greatest Super Heroes in the Justice League and served as a member of the Teen Titans. A caring and altruistic person, she’s haunted by the fear that one day she could succumb to the violent conqueror values of White Martian society.



In the universe of DC Comics, the planet Mars houses two races: the White Martians and the Green Martians. The White Martians embraced conquest, whereas the Green Martians were largely peaceful. This led to repeated conflicts and wars, with members of each society learning to hate and fear the other side. M’gann’s parents decided to spare their child what would escalate into a world-ending conflict, and sent her away to the Vega system on a small starship (as referenced in Brightest Day #8, 2010).


What happened to M’gann in the Vega system and how long she stayed there aren’t known. But she eventually learned that while the Martian races were largely wiped out due to a plague (Martian Manhunter vol. 2 #0, 1998), M’gann’s parents had escaped to Earth. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the U.S. government and executed (Martian Manhunter vol. 3 #1-8, 2006-07).


She also discovered that a Green Martian named J’onn J’onzz had found a new home on the planet Earth and was acting as a Super Hero called the Martian Manhunter. Journeying to Earth herself, she became familiar with the cultures of humans largely through popular media. In contrast to White Martian society, M’gann preferred to live in peace and wanted to find fun and friendship. She decided to become a Super Hero, too, and took on the appearance of a Green Martian so she wouldn’t frighten those who knew of the behavior of White Martians.


Miss Martian joined the Teen Titans following the events of Infinite Crisis (2005-06). She wound up a trusted ally to many of Earth’s heroes, including the Justice League, even after she confirmed that she was a White Martian.



As a native Martian, M’gann is a powerful shape-shifter. This ability allows her to alter her appearance, shift her mass, regenerate injured tissue, become invisible and even, with effort, intangible. Martians have heightened senses as well as telepathic abilities, though M’gann does not like to force her mind into others. Martians are also gifted with great strength, resistance to injury and flight.


Martians suffer from pyrophobia. In the presence of flame, they experience great fear. If the flame is large or strong enough, they suffer a psychosomatic reaction that shuts down their powers and weakens their bodies. Their resistance to injury drastically drops, and they become far more vulnerable to physical attacks.














Joining the Teen Titans (2006)

When she first joined the Teen Titans, M’gann’s teammates didn’t understand her, and she soon left the group. On her own, she operated as a hero in Australia, but returned to the team during an adventure in which the Titan called Bombshell was revealed to be a traitor (Teen Titans vol. 3 #37-41). M’gann’s White Martian nature was revealed during these events, but her efforts to protect the Titans convinced them she could be trusted. She was welcomed back onto the team.



The Titans later fought a group of Super-Villains Deathstroke had recruited specifically to battle them, in 2007’s Teen Titans vol. 3 #43. Due to her fire-based abilities, the villain Sun Girl proved a particular problem for M’gann. A time-traveler, Sun Girl claimed M’gann’s actions in the future would lead to the surviving Martians’ enslavement. Miss Martian eventually defeated Sun Girl by forcing her underwater, dousing her flames. It was later revealed that in Sun Girl’s future, she kept M’gann as a personal slave.




Titans Tomorrow (2007)

In 2007’s Teen Titans vol. 3 #51, the Teen Titans met another group of villains: themselves, from the future. This “Titans Tomorrow” team included an older version of M’gann who now used the name Martian Manhunter and embraced her White Martian appearance and aggressive nature. M’gann was startled by her own potential for evil. During the battle, Miss Martian beheaded her future self, but the older M’gann saved her own life by transmitting her consciousness into her younger self. Afterward, M’gann would frequently wrestle against the influence of her older self.


M’gann established a human identity as “Megan Morse,” attending Arizona’s Wolfman and Perez High School. But after repeated evidence that her dark future self could still influence her, she decided it would be safer to leave the team and find a solution for her divided mind on her own. She left in 2008’s Teen Titans vol. 3 #62.




Final Crisis and Beyond

A more stable M’gann later appeared when she disguised herself as the hero Star-Spangled Kid and infiltrated the Dark Side Club in 2009’s Terror Titans #1-8. Under the control of Darkseid, the club was a safe house where he kept children and teenagers whom he brainwashed to serve his will. M’gann used her telepathy to free the kids and led them against the Terror Titans. Victorious, they left the Dark Side Club and M’gann helped Earth’s heroes and the agency Checkmate against the threat of Final Crisis in 2009. When Final Crisis concluded, M’gann rejoined the Teen Titans as a full member in 2009’s Teen Titans vol. 3 #69, though she took another leave of absence a few months later.












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