A secretive, bandaged criminal mastermind, Hush has manipulated Bruce Wayne's friends and enemies in an attempt to destroy Batman.


Aliases: Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Elliot
First Appearance: BATMAN #609, 2003

Team Affiliations: None



The villain called Hush is the member of Batman's rogues gallery who is closest to Bruce Wayne, and in many ways is also his dark doppelgänger. Young Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Wayne's, who grew up in wealth and privilege as he did. A genius like Bruce, they played many games together, and he taught him all about strategy. But unlike Bruce, Tommy's parents were terrible and abusive, and one day he severed the brake line of his parents' car, hoping they would die in a crash, and he would inherit all their wealth. But only Tommy's father died, and his mother was saved by Dr. Thomas Wayne, thwarting his plans. When Bruce Wayne's parents were tragically murdered and he inherited their wealth, it began a lifelong resentment of his former friend; as he saw Bruce as getting everything he had ever desired. 


Becoming a surgeon himself, Thomas Elliot continued to harbor a deep resentment for Bruce Wayne. When the Riddler discovered that Wayne was really Batman, he attempted to sell Tommy the secret, but once they realized their common hatred for Bruce Wayne, they decided to join forces to bring him down. Wrapping his face in bandages to hide his true identity, Elliot created for himself the persona of "Hush," and manipulated many of Batman's greatest foes in an elaborate plan to defeat him. Although Batman managed to stop him before his plan came to fruition, he continues to be a perpetual thorn in Batman's side, and one of the Dark Knight's most dangerous foes.