Artemis Crock


Artemis Crock

The name Artemis has been carried by two vastly different but equally lethal women. Each has wrestled with the burden of her parents' criminal legacy.


Aliases: Tigress 

First Appearance: INFINITY INC. #34, 1987



To say Artemis Crock had a tumultuous upbringing would be putting it lightly. The daughter of two DC Super-Villains, Sportsmaster and Tigress, it seems like she was all but genetically predisposed to break bad.


Artemis happily followed in her family's footsteps, joining up with a team of second-generation villains called Injustice Unlimited, with whom she enjoyed occasional success thwarting DC Super Hero teams like Infinity, Inc.


But things worked out a little differently on Earth-16. In the animated TV show Young Justice, Artemis was reimagined as a teenage hero with a tortured past and a complicated relationship to her family's less-than-ethical roots.



For Artemis, being a Super-Villain was basically the family business. Born to Paula Brooks, the original Tigress, and “Crusher” Crock, a.k.a. Sportsmaster, Artemis grew up surrounded by people embroiled in the world’s criminal underbelly. Following in her parents' footsteps, Artemis used her first name as her "alias" for a time, before adopting the name Tigress, after her mother.


In her Young Justice reimagining, Artemis' origin remained largely unchanged, but she was forced against her will to train as a Super-Villain by her abusive father while her mother was in prison after taking a fall for her husband. Artemis and her sister, Jade, were trained and emotionally manipulated by Sportsmaster until their mother was released. Upon her return, Paula impressed upon her husband that she wanted a different life for their daughters. But Sportsmaster had other plans. The couple had a falling out, leading to a messy divorce that left Artemis alone with her mother, struggling to use of her skill set in a way that would make her mom proud.


She set out to be an amateur DC Super Hero working in Gotham City, where she was discovered by Batman; he knew the truth of her family and admired her desire to do some good in the world. He invented a backstory for her in which she was Green Arrow's niece so she could join the Young Justice team without suspicion.






Artemis has no superhuman abilities, but has trained to become an Olympic-level athlete and marksman. She is an accomplished tracker, sharpshooter and hunter as well as a skilled thief.




Injustice Unlimited (INFINITY, INC. vol. 1)

Artemis' time in the DC Universe’s continuity was mostly spent as a supporting character, partnered with a band of villains called Injustice Unlimited. The group was formed by the Wizard to challenge the Infinity, Inc. team of heroes (INFINITY, INC. #34, 1987). Injustice Unlimited was intended as the "next generation" of the Injustice Society, a perpetual threat to the Justice Society of America, and comprised almost entirely former Injustice Society members' children.


As a part of Injustice Unlimited, Artemis clashed repeatedly with Infinity, Inc. but was continuously thwarted, and the team was sent to prison, from which they would escape and begin the cycle anew.


Artemis remained with various incarnations of Injustice Unlimited, a part of multiple rosters, and even began a romantic relationship with one of her fellow villains, the Icicle.



Reinvention on Earth-16 (Young Justice season 1-2, 2010-2013)

Artemis was reintroduced on the animated TV show Young Justice as a teenager posing as Green Arrow's newest sidekick, a "niece" who joined the team at Batman's behest (Young Justice season 1, episode 6, "Infiltrator").


The truth, however, came out when it was revealed that Artemis was actually the child of Sportsmaster, who’d had her mother, Paula, take the fall for him after one of his heists had gone south. As a result, Paula was sent to prison and Artemis was left in Sportsmaster's care alongside her older sister, Jade.



Sportsmaster trained his daughters rigorously, subjecting them to abuse masquerading as "tests" he claimed would hone their skills as criminals and thieves. Eventually Jade snapped and ran away, leaving Artemis to suffer alone at the hands of their father. It wasn't until Paula’s release from prison that Sportsmaster's plans crumbled. Her time in jail had caused Paula to reform entirely, and as part of her return to society, she wanted to set a straight course for her daughter.


Artemis seized the opportunity to escape and ran away, setting out to forge her own path as a hero before Batman and Green Arrow intercepted her and positioned her on the Young Justice team. During her time on the team, Artemis was forced to confront both her father and her sister, who had adopted the code name Cheshire. Both were less than impressed with her newfound heroism. During this time, a romantic relationship bloomed with Artemis’ teammate Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash.


The show’s second season began with a four-year time skip, revealing that in the time following season one, Artemis and Wally had retired from Young Justice and begun building a life together. This changed, however, when the team was forced to call upon Artemis once more for a deep-cover operation (Young Justice season 2, episode 7, "Depths").


After faking her own death, Artemis assumed the identity of Tigress and began working covertly with another member of her former team, Aqualad. The ruse ended after a climactic fight forced Artemis to give up her cover and return to her team—and to a confused, heartsick Kid Flash, who’d spent months believing she was dead.


Their reunion, however, proved short-lived. Wally was forced to sacrifice himself to save the world, leaving Artemis grief-stricken but more resolved than ever to fight for justice as a Super Hero. As the show’s second season ended, she took up the code name and identity of Tigress full time in order to give herself a fresh start.


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